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Way back in 2015 Edamame Reviews launched as a tiny review site dedicated to covering the coolest new games for iOS and Android – but with a very different focus to the other more popular review sites of the time. Our focus was to create a place where both small and large Studios had equal opportunity to shine.

Although we have grown and matured since our founding in 2015, our main focus still hasn’t really changed – and we would like to thank you all for allowing us to continue to be your daily source of mobile gaming news.


Working with us

1. Send us your game info
2. Collaborate with our team
3. Become a Supporter

Unlike other sites, collaborating with us is free.

Our team will work to share your game within your studio’s means – whether you are limited by time, money, or other resources. One thing we do request (and in some cases require) is that developers consider supporting Edamame Reviews and the work we do.

Our work depends on the support we receive from our community – and our community can only give so much.

Larger collaborations

If you have an offer or opportunity that does not fit into our usual workflow, please feel free to contact us at business@edamame.club

Our team is always happy to discuss ways in which our services can help you.

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