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Founded in late 2015, Edamame Reviews is an Australian based mobile-centric multimedia news site created as a means of sharing the latest mobile gaming news with an ever-growing “mainstream” audience of smartphone users.

With an estimated 5 billion smartphones users (in 2019) mobile is the new global standard of tech and is making radical changes in all aspects of our daily lives. For the many future gamers who will first step foot into the exciting world of gaming using a mobile device, we are your daily source of mobile gaming news – sharing the world’s best games with you every day of the week.

Our highly skilled team of industry experts pride ourselves in taking those few extra steps further. Sharing in-depth content packed with insider insights 99% of players will likely never know about their favorite games.

Due to our unique stance as a mobile gaming news site, and the in-depth news stories we publish, our news is followed by many industry veterans, insiders, and influencers – which has resulted in many exciting business opportunities for our partners.

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  • Size: we have a following of roughly 120K readers worldwide.
  • Gender: 55% ♂ and 45% ♀
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    🇦🇺 Australia 5%

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