Game Discovery Program

Discover new games matching your studio’s unique style via Edamame Reviews. As one of the internet’s most popular news sites dedicated to covering gaming on iOS and Android, we have a strong following of mobile game developers looking for the best publishers for their iOS and Android games.

Insights we can provide

  • Whether or not the developer is interested in working with a Publisher
  • Developer contact info
  • Developer English abilities
  • Developer team size
  • Number of published games
  • Publishers the Developer has previously worked with
  • Game Engine info
  • and more

Contract info

We will send your studio a maximum of 20 qualifying games at the end of each month (at a cost of $25 per game) based on your studio’s pre-defined needs. Maximum cost of service: US$500.00

Payment method:
*Automatic payment options are available. However as the service is still relatively new and the number of recommendable games we receive still fluctuate, we recommend using our manual payment options for the time being.