Publisher Partnership Opportunities

As one of the internet’s most trusted sources of in-depth mobile gaming news, our team is fortunate enough to live in the future, collaborating with the developers of games that will create tomorrow’s mobile gaming trends.

During our interactions with these future trend makers, we are able to gather many useful insights which can be very useful for Publishers looking to determine what Games and Developers best suit their current needs.

Shallow insights

  • Gameplay Footage
  • Download Links
  • Promotion Codes
  • Contact Details
  • Social Media

Deep insights

  • Game Engine – What game engine was used to make the game
  • Developer Background – What industry they are from & how long they have been making games
  • Developer Language – Can the developer work in English
  • Developer Workflow – How long they take to make games
  • Developer Values – What the developer believes is important in game development
  • Future Expansions – Information about future changes or additions to the game

These insights allow our partners to effectively find the right game for their needs in either 1 of 2 ways.

Partnership Styles


For a single payment of $550/per successful publishing venture, we will share the insights of select games our team believe will best suit your publishing house’s needs.

Publishers who partner with us will be required to provide us with detailed information regarding the style and type of games they are most interested in publishing.

We also require Publishers to disclose the type(s) of publishing contract that will be used, so as to give us the best chance of connecting developers with the right Publisher/s for their needs.
Full Insight

For a single payment of $25/per developer, we will disclose all of the developer insights collected via Edamame Reviews for use by your publishing house.

We will automatically send the information of developers who are interested in working with a Publisher, to your team for consideration.

These insights will be unfiltered, giving your studio many more business opportunities than our “Introductory Partnership” users.

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