Success Stories

At Edamame Reviews, we have worked with well over 1,000 games and their associated studios and developers. Thanks to our experience working with teams located in more than 60 different countries around the world, we are well equipped and ready to help you succeed.

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Just a few of the studios we have collaborated with

2,637% Increase in Downloads

After promoting their game with Edamame Reviews, one developer reported a record 2,637% increase in monthly app downloads for their casual 2D avoider game for iOS and Android. Original article here.

Although it would not be fair of us to guarantee this level of success to everyone – or every game – our large user base of dedicated mobile gaming enthusiasts is yet one more reason why marketers choose to advertise with us.

If you have an attractive product, we are willing and ready to help make your story a success!

A screenshot from our client studio
Itunes Connect can only show an increase of up to 999%