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“Edamame is our source of inspiration. As I said earlier the work you guys do is amazing, I don’t like other games news or review websites that only cover big hit games, and ignore smaller indie titles. We follow Edamame on every social media platform and we check it daily, like a morning newspaper, for it always shines the light on new fantastic games out there we hadn’t heard of, your work is very important for us indie developers.”

Sinkpool Games

“We sincerely thank all your hard work! It’s teams like yours that shine the spotlight on new and upcoming studios, allowing us to have a platform to raise our voice and show what we have to offer the mobile gaming world – so thank you!”

Homa Games!

“We always appreciate exposure provided to our games … Edamame Reviews have been awesome…”


“Edamame is the place to go to read game reviews … Please continue with your hard work and many thanks for always keeping the indie dev community in your content.”


“It’s super important to keep independent sites like Edamame Reviews going. You’re doing a great job! Who else will search for hidden gems among games?”

7A Games

Hey writers, fellow devs and patrons, keep up your professional work! It provides invaluable coverage of all the indie games out there.

Gang of One

“We are glad that a site like Edamame is there to try different, niche games and not necessarily the most mainstream mobile games. There are incredible gems that are hiding in the stores that go unnoticed and just need a little push to get some eyes on their games.”


“I have a lot of respect for any group that’s trying to give publicity and attention to niche markets or indie creators. … you’re doing a good service both to the game creators and your audience, so stick with it!”

Sky Pulse

“As a new game developer, it is thanks to the press and supporters of indie games that I was able to find an audience and launch a successful release! I appreciate the team and supporters of Edamame Reviews who put time and energy into promoting the indie gaming industry!”

Codebrew Games

“Thank you so much to Edamame for taking interest in my game and providing me with an opportunity to tell people about it, the work that you do for mobile developers is amazing and it really helps us out!”

Bird Games

“I want to say “Thank You” to Edamame Reviews for giving me this opportunity … and also for helping out many game developers around the world! Keep up your awesome work!”

SM Games

“We love your professionalism & the fact that you are centered around fun games. The whole team loves your work!”


“Places like Edamame are vital for both new and established developers alike. Thank you for your interest in me and my game…”

Jellyo Games

“For all the people who keep Edamame running, I would like to say: keep up the good work and keep creating great games.”

Hooked Play

“Edamame really shows a good picture of what is going on in the indie scene! We like staying on top of the latest indie news here so we keep on checking the blog and hope to get more involved with the community cause we’re still kind of the new kids on the block.”


“I’m still new to your community and I’m excited to see how our connection may develop.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to share my game, and keep up the great work everybody!”

Ashley Spencer-Phillips

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support for both the game developers out there making great games and all of you that keep the players informed.”

Steve Snyder

“…it’s great to show our developers that they are appreciated by the games community!”

Greenlight Games

“…it is great to see honest reviews that try to really capture how the game is. Very good job.”


“I want to thank Edamame Reviews who gave me a chance to talk about my game on their site. I admire Edamame Reviews’ attitude that tries to review games as just one liberal gamer.”


“I’d like to thank the community and hard workers behind Edamame Reviews. It’s your work that allows us, indie developers, to shine.”

Those Six Faces

“Keep up the great work, we love reading your site!”

Yak & co

“We love your site and are very grateful for the feedback and encouragement!”


“Please support and keep Edamame Reviews up and running because it is definitely one of the awesome places to find great game reviews.”

Pixel Perfex

“It’s great to have such an informative resource that appeals to both developers and gamers and remains impartial at the same time. We love it!”


“It’s great to have such an informative resource that appeals to both developers and gamers and remains impartial at the same time. We love it!”


“As a small studio, we are always thankful for those who are interested in our games and our studio.”


“Edamame Reviews promotes developers and helps players to find good games. It’s very important in these times, where there are hundreds of games published every day. Only passionate people can pursue this goal and support it. So I would like to thank you all for pushing an industry in a good direction and sharing your love for games with the world. We need more of it.

Rainbow Train

“We are sure that they (Edamame Reviews) will become the most widely read game review site in the world.Edamame Reviews helps players get to know the newest and most exciting games, while also helping developers find inspiration and ideas.”


“We’d seriously like to thank Edamame for their support of indie developers like Tangent. … Without the support of Edamame, I am certain many interesting indie titles would have gone unnoticed. From all of us Tangent, we thank everyone at Edamame…”

Tangent Game Studios

“Edamame Reviews, in my opinion, has been providing very honest and truthful reviews with a lot of in-depth comments. When my last game got reviewed on Edamame, it was rated with a mixed feeling. However, despite criticizing subjectively, Edamame provided me with rationales and constructive suggestions which helped me grow on game experience design. Most importantly is that Edamame is very friendly and willing to help indie dev like myself.”

Lek Chan

“I will come to Edamame when I choose a game to play. So good!”


“This was an excellent opportunity for us to show off our game. … We think that every developer will be happy.”

Two Beards Games

” …This is a great service to the industry and gives us underdogs an opportunity to showcase our games. Edamame Reviews also gives relatively unknown games the spotlight…”

AppSir, Inc.

“This is the first time Edamame has reviewed our game, we have been following them for a while now, it feels so great to have our game featured on the site. This is truly a special day for us.”

Optimum Games

“…it’s nice to read about other developers struggles and accomplishments.”

Tobias Ornberg

“… It’s fantastic that you’re spotlighting so many smaller games and not just the big ones like a lot of other sites. Clearly, a lot of work is put into the site and that’s awesome!”

Good Egg Games

“We really like that Edamame Reviews shares small games like ours.”

Cozy Game

“… thank you very much for your interest and the exposure of Snail Ride.”

Bloop Games

“Any site that takes the time to review the smaller games out there on the market is doing a great service to all gamers and developers. Thanks for your efforts!”

Studio Rouleau

“We believe that it’s a great approach to get directly in touch with the developers and therefore building a direct relationship with them in order to pass on the information to the players/readers. Keep up the great work!

Fuero Games

“The site is awesome. It’s really difficult to find independent unbiased reviews of games these days which makes it hard to find the true gems when 500 new games are submitted to the App Store every day. We love your style!”


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Edamame Reviews for a fantastic review of Toy Attack. We are honored that our efforts in this game were recognized…”

Animoca Brands

“Hey, you guys are great. Keep it up!”


“We would like to thank all of you for your interest in us and our games…”


“We love what you’re doing for indie developers! Good exposure that doesn’t cost and a team of respectful and friendly staff is hard to come by. Thank you for doing us a huge service and we wish you a successful future.”

Tinker Technologies

“What you are doing is very nice for us, I mean, indie developers. We don’t get enough attention since many of us don’t know how to promote our game/apps. … Thanks for that.”


“Keep up the good work, it’s nice to have review sites that focus on mobile games.”


“I think you guys are really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing where you guys head in the future! “

Ryan Carag

“Edamame Reviews is a great place to keep yourself updated with the best in mobile gaming.”

Set Snail

“Your team runs a cool website with some fresh insights, and we are happy to be included.”


“Thank you for your contribution to the gaming industry. Keep up the great work!”


“Love how sites like Edamame help indies and small studios like us get a longer and wider reach to audiences we would not have had the reach to otherwise. Keep up the great work!!”

Kiseki Games

“…you are really passionate about games.”


“Thank you for helping the game dev community!”

UKI Games

“Edamame Reviews is useful for developers and players. … what I particularly want to emphasize are your highly individual approach and creative way. Keep it up!”

ALMA Games

“It’s always a joy to have services such as Edamame Reviews who help indies get attention for their hard work. Please keep up the noble work!”

Kiseki Games

“As Japanese food lovers, we really like edamame. The reviews are truly relevant and the website is pleasant to read.”

Alternative Shift

“Thank you as always! We’ll get fun new games to share with you soon!”

Orangenose Studio

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